The tokenisation of securities and alternative assets on the blockchain will revolutionize the world’s financial markets by bringing liquidity to the illiquid securities market, unlocking trillions of dollars of value.

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  • Day 1

  • - What goes into issuance?
    - Providing liquidity to asset classes
    - Building a good asset to sell
    - Understanding legal jurisdictions
    - Digital assets are a better form of ownership

  • - How should financial institutions continue to explore security tokens and leverage the commercial opportunity
    - The view from traditional exchanges
    - What business challenges are slowing the adoption?
    - The opportunities and concerns for financial institutions
    - The role of institutional investors

  • - Regulation compliance in different jurisdictions
    - The role of established exchanges
    - The view from financial market authorities
    - What do regulators need to see?
    - What needs to change to drive the market forward?

  • - The role of legal support from platforms
    - The roles of legal firms in the ecosystem
    - What are the critical legal considerations for STOs currently?

  • Day 2 - Track 1: Operations

  • - Preparing for launch
    - Marketing & PR requirements for an STO
    - Linking to real world assets

  • - The practicalities behind STOs
    - What is missing in the ecosystem currently?
    - How can we further facilitate the market?

  • - How should banks approach security tokenization?
    - Understand how the tokenization of existing assets and creation of new tokenized assets will shape the future of financial services
    - How will things evolve in 1, 3, 5 years time?

  • - How can real-world assets like real estate, oil, and commodities be tokenized with ownership tracked on the blockchain?
    - How will this new token ecosystem function?
    - What impact will it have on current markets?

  • - Major firms are realising that loyalty points are ripe for tokenization
    - Tokenized points are tradeable, a user that collects airline points could swap these for hotel points
    - Increasing the perceived value of reward schemes

  • Day 2 - Track 2: Investment

  • - The role of digital assets
    - The retail market and the institutional space
    - Reviewing the latest developments
    - Perspectives on security token investments

  • - What KPIs and token economic models are the experts evaluating to determine their investment strategies?
    - What constitutes a good security token?

  • Companies currently going through the STO process will have the opportunity to present in front of the investor audience.