About The Event

Security tokens are expected to make up 10% of global GDP - roughly $8 trillion by 2024. Join the people and companies that are leading this revolution with us in Hong Kong. 2019 is widely expected to be the year of the security token and our June event will deliver the foundation for this.

This event is part of our innovative global series of high-level events designed to bring together industry leaders with total focus on the realisation of the security token ecosystem.

Bringing together, Fintech, Blockchain, Investment Banking and the wider ecosystem.


    • Two full days of STO content
    • 70% + investors
    • 100% Security Tokens focused
    • STO Pitch Sessions
    • Security Tokens Awards
    • Great networking opportunities
    • High quality venue in the the financial district of Hong Kong


Hong Kong, Financial District


18th – 19th June 2019
Starts – 9am

Building the future

Many security token exchanges and companies are starting operations in 2018 and early 2019 to drive forward this exciting industry.

This event will bring together companies looking to do security token offerings with investors and with solution providers who can assist in running STOs.

2018 will undoubtedly be remembered for the birth of an entirely new eco-system of platforms, exchanges, and funds, all looking to capitalise on the trillion-dollar opportunity that is tokenized securities. Tokenization is becoming particularly popular amongst more traditional issuers and investors, allured by the benefits of blockchain technology, as well as the crypto whales, looking to hedge their increasingly volatile portfolios.


Advantages of tokenization include fractionalisation of larger assets, increased liquidity, lower issuance fees, and greater market efficiency.

However, the greatest benefit that security tokens provide an issuer is access to a global pool of capital. As these tokens can be sold and traded internationally (when compliant with regulations), they become more fairly priced and, therefore, attractive to investors. This offering is appealing to both institutional investors for its more recognisable structure, and to crypto investors for its technological innovation.


Topic Areas include:

– Making the business case
– The security token ecosystem
– The role of security token trading organisations and tokenisation companies
– Technical foundations of the industry
– Operational aspects – interoperability and cybersecurity
– Regulations

The idea behind Juliet Leadership Summits is to be a neutral forum to enable dialogue with peers and move the industry forward. This two-day summit will be highly interactive, featuring presentations, table discussions, case studies and panel discussions. The event audience will be capped to enable interactivity and discussion, with 250-450 attendees in the room.

The Audience

The audience profile for this summit is business leaders from the security token ecosystem:

– Fintech leaders
– Banks
– Legal and Accounting
– Platform providers
– Consultants
– Issuance and Compliance
– Treasury and Exchanges
– Market makers and OTC liquidity
– PR and Marketing
– Brokerage and Custodianship
– Investors

The keynotes will be streamed live to a global audience and the presentations will be available on demand after the event to members of our Security Tokens Realised network.

In line with other Juliet Leadership Summits there will be an award program focused on how to best realise the Smart Token Industry. The awards will be presented during the series.

The Countdown

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– 2 day Conference
– Networking coffee breaks
– Networking lunch
– Networking drinks